Climbing Courses in the Peak District are run by our very experienced Rock Climbing Instructors are there to offer you the best possible climbing day. We aim to keep the day flexible which allows us to tailor it specifically to your needs. We will cover all safety aspects, get plenty of climbing in, look at set ups, practice belaying using different devices and answer specific questions from the group.


Course benefits

  Excellent staff ratios of  just 1:4 

   Small ratios allow much more climbing time

  Opportunity for individual coaching

   Develop your climbing skills and knowledge  

  Our Climbing Courses run from 930am - 430pm


During the course you will learn about:

  Personal Climbing Equipment

  Ropes, Knots & Climbing Rack

  Climbing Guide Books

  Gear placement

  Fall factors

   How to stay safe whilst climbing

Our  main office is in Bakewell in the heart of the Peak District but our climbing courses usually start from Hathersage. From there it is much closer to get to some of the best crags in the country We will choose the most suitable crag depending on the weather.

After this course people have felt more confident in their own ability to look after themselves and their climbing partner.

Course Prerequisites:  None

Equipment required

We supply Harnesses and Helmets as well as all the ropes and other technical kit that is needed. You will just need suitable clothing to keep you warm and dry for the expected weather (check a forecast for this area or call us). Its always worth carrying a waterproof or windproof jacket. You will also need sturdy footwear for the walk in and out of the crag, a packed lunch and drink.  please bring your own climbing shoes or trainers to climb in or alternatively we have a limited range of climbing shoes for hire. Please call us to hire a pair for just £5.00 for each full day.

Rock Climbing Intermediate course private booking

Rock Climbing Intermediate course private booking

Book this course as a private session with a ratio of 1:1 at £180 or 1:2 at £190 on a date that suits you.