Caving in the Peak District.

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the ground you are walking on? Well if you happen to visit the Castleton area of the Peak District then you should. Beneath you are a series of Caves and Caverns climbing down into the deep darkness below. They offer fresh exciting opportunities for fun, adventure and new experiences.

Course Options

The safest way to explore these hidden gems is by using a reputable outdoor activities company. Dolomite Training offer a range of caving courses in the Peak District. Therefore they could open a door to a new world for you.  Caving in the Peak District has much to offer those who want an introduction to caving with caves across the area. This would be the option for those who wanted a more gentle experience.

If you wanted to make it a more adventurous caving trip then book on an intermediate caving course. This will allow you to explore some of the vertical sections within caves.  You will climb in and abseil down some cave sections under the guidance of a fully qualified caving instructor. On these trips you may well be getting wet as you walk through stream ways and abseil beside waterfalls.

On all our caving courses you will see many cave features such as stalactites and stalagmites and lesser known helictites. You will learn about cave formation, hydrology and conservation. We also look for fossils of dead sea creatures from 320 million years ago.

How to Book

Caving in Derbyshire has so much to offer and is often overlooked for the more obvious tourist features above ground. Why not be different and have a go and see what lies beneath your feet when you next visit the Peak District?

Dolomite offer a range of caving courses as well as private bookings to suit everyone from individuals to families and groups. You can fill in a enquiry form or email us


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