10 Years as an Outdoor Adventure Company

10 years ago Steve and Paul set up Dolomite Training as an outdoor adventure company. They are based in Derbyshire and what a 10 years it has been!

First of all, many schools supported us from the very beginning which was a huge boost to our business. Especially whilst the country was in the middle of a recession. Many people thought we were foolhardy to start a business in this sort of economic uncertainty. However, so far we are proving them wrong.

Learning Outside the Classroom

With many years’ experience in teaching and the outdoor industry we were able to use outdoor activities as a learning medium. With this approach we could help raise attainment levels for many students. Learning outside the classroom, allowed individuals to develop life skills such as teamwork, problem solving and personal development. This is turn helped to build students confidence and self-esteem. Many of our students went on to gain better results than expected. These results helped our business and our reputation for a quality service grow quickly.

You would think a hard day’s work was enough. However in order to provide a better service we both felt the need to improve our learning too. Consequently I (Steve) gained a master’s degree in business management MBA,  Paul gained a master’s degree in education. Our new business plan created more opportunities to work in the outdoor sector and we quickly expanded.

Our ethos was to provide a quality experience for people across all the activities we provided. We also only employed staff  with similar views and standards to ourselves and with expert knowledge of the Peak district.

Settling in Bakewell – Derbyshire Peak District

By 2012, Dolomite Training became a limited company. We had moved offices several times, until finally settling in Bakewell in the Heart of the peak district. Bakewell is a picturesque town with booming tourism, which has only helped to increase our business.

We use many venues within 20 minutes of Bakewell. These include Hathersage for climbing, Castleton for caving, Millersdale for abseiling and all over the Peak district for mountain biking.

As the first national park in the country, it attracts over 13 million visitors every year. Above all it also has many treasures including Chatsworth House, Haddon Hall and well-known breweries such as Thornbridge or Peak Ales. Walking here is a mix between high moorland or lowland river walks amongst the peaks and dales.

Cafes are in abundance, as I well know, and we stop at many of our favourites with our groups. Here’s to name but a few: Café Adventure, High Nellies or Café Village Green. You know that life on the trail would just not be the same without a big slice of homemade cake and a hot brew.

Our Customers

Along the years Dolomite Training had always worked with businesses on staff development and team building days.  Even more than that, our main work, was offering a much wider recipe of activities in the peak district. Consequently, we now work with numerous youth groups including scouts, cadets and school groups of all ages. The number of Stag and Hen groups grows yearly and always proves to be a fun experience. Our family multi activities are always popular, providing an exciting day out for all age ranges.

Many clients come for personal skills development such as learning to lead climb, SRT skills or rigging for climbing and caving.  While we also provide Mountain biking skills development or guided riding in small groups or on a one to one basis. We wouldn’t have been able to offer any of this without the support of our two trusted vehicles ‘Bertie Berlingo’ and ‘VeeDub Billy’ pictured below. Surely many of you will have seen them out and about in the Peaks and beyond?

Charity Events & Fundraising

About 6 or 7 years ago we started working with charities, helping them out with different fundraising ideas. This area has grown immensely, and we are now established as a ‘provider of choice’ for many charities. We run charity abseil events nationally, underground challenges, we have run 3 Peaks charity events in Yorkshire and Derbyshire and even met the sunrise on Snowdon.

Most noteworthy for us has been the variety of people through charity abseils who are so inspirational.  So many people overcome fear of heights, and personal issues whilst boosting their confidence and raising money at the same time. Also, Batman and Robin keep making appearances in lots of different locations!!

Please feel free to contact us if you are a charity fundraiser and want help organising an event!

Reviews on Trip Advisor or Facebook reflect what Dolomite Training set out to achieve ten years ago. All of our clients, have had a positive experience and they have left wanting more. Having taken our clients on a journey of discovery and teaching them the skills they need; many can now seek out adventure independently.

The Future

Looking to the future, we will always aim to give the best experience to each and every one of our clients. We appreciate all our loyal customers and look forward to working with many more over the next 10 years.

Finally, we also believe that our success is attributable to the dedication and quality service that our staff provide. We would like to thank anyone who has worked alongside us as part of our journey now and into the future.

Stag do or Hen do in the Peak District

Stag Do or Hen Do?

If you have responsibility for organising a stag do or hen do in the Peak District then you face the same dilemma as others before you. Where can you stay? what activities can you do? what is the best location? where can we go on a night time and How much will it all cost?

Activity Options

We will talk through your activity options to help you decide whats best for you. These may include Abseiling, Mountain Biking, Caving, Rock Climbing, Competitive Team Challenges or  Ghyll Scrambling.  All of these activities can be run across the Peak District. Therefore some of it will come down to where you decide to stay. We can help you with this and point you in the right direction based on budget and location.

Hen party waving and smiling


There is numerous group accommodation available within the Peak District National Park. Companies like, Peak Venues offer quality accommodation but Airbnb has proved popular as well. Sometimes a bunkhouse is all people need and plenty can be found. Others may want to camp and again there are plenty of sites available. Places like Castleton or Bakewell have more to offer at night time for food and drink options. And remember, you have a playground for adventurous activities on the doorstep with a wide range to choose from.

Ability Level

Dolomite Training have been running Stag and Hen parties in the Peak District for 10 years now. As a result, we have worked with thousands of people and have lots of ideas to make your day even better. We also understand that not everyone in the group will want to Abseil off a viaduct or go Rock Climbing. With this in mind, we tweak each course to be as inclusive as we can. Consequently you get a better day and you can have a laugh in the pub about your adventures.

Stag and Hen party in wetsuits

How do you book

It is always easier to talk through what adventurous outdoor activities will work for you and then come up with a plan. Even if you don’t know where you are staying yet why not get in touch for an informal chat. we can suggest options that might work and ideas of where would be best to get group accommodation in the Peak District

For more information why not visit our Stag and Hen page and complete an enquiry form.

Caving in Yorkshire

The Yorkshire Dales

If you haven’t tried caving, then caving in Yorkshire is a great place to start. It offers an underground adventure beneath the rolling hills and Dales that define Yorkshire countryside? Yorkshire has an abundance of great caves for all levels of ability. Some are more weather dependent than others but still so many to choose from. The Peak District has also got lots of caves to explore so take your pick.

Admire the limestone pavements with their clints and grikes proudly on display alongside the 3 Peaks that the Dales are renowned for. Beneath all of this lay hundreds of cave systems and potholes, many well known such as Gaping Ghyll and Alum Pot. You also have show caves such as White scar and Ingleborough to visit without having to don all the usual caving kit.

Limestone Pavement – Long Churns

Caving Courses

For the more adventurous you can ask for a private course with our own Caving Instructors who frequent the Dales at every opportunity. You may start with a journey through the Long Churns system and progress from there. If you have been on an SRT course then you have more options to go deeper underground. If you wanted to learn SRT then you can book an SRT Course Alternatively you may have some of these skills but want to be guided through a system with us rigging all the sections or learn to rig for yourself? all of these options are available with a reputable company like Dolomite Training

What you Will Learn

Other gentler options include horizontal trips to explore beneath the Layers of the Limestone landscape. You can admire how nature has created many fascinating wonders below your feet. Your guides can talk about how the caves have been formed. Initially, from their early beginnings over 320 Million years ago to what they are now. This will include naming the fossils contained within. You may see many speleothems such as Stalagmites and Stalactites and lesser known features such as cave popcorn or flowstone. If you are in an active streamway then you see how the water has formed scallops in the rock.

Sometimes a day underground is far more rewarding in many different ways to the world above. Everyone surfaces with a new sense of adventure and wonder at what they have seen and done. Caving is a great activity no matter where you are but caving in Yorkshire is champion.

Why not make an enquiry about caving courses today? You can email us on info@dolomitetraining.co.uk

To Buy a New Mountain Bike or Upgrade?

Mountain Biking

Buying a new mountain bike or getting an upgrade for your old one is a key question everyone faces sooner or later. As everyone knows Mountain Biking has really taken off over the last decade with  huge investment in R & D in bike technology. This means choices for people wanting a new bike are limitless especially with the advent of good quality E-Bikes thrown into the mix. By the way,”I cant wait until I can justify getting one of these …pedal assist, Turbo settings!!”

However you still cant beat nailing that technical climb under your own steam. Especially, feeling your legs and lungs screaming for more oxygen before hitting the next descent.  After all this is what Mountain biking is all about isn’t it?

Mountain Bike Options

Choices for new bikes include 26, 27.5 and 29 inch wheels in hardtail or full suspension. The other consideration is what type of mountain biking you mainly do? Is it Downhill, Cross country, Enduro or Trail riding as this will start to limit your choice of bikes. What is your budget? What are your suspension preferences? If you are not sure which to go for it is best to get out there and try them all.  You have options including manufacturers bike demo days, which are generally free. Just visit their websites as they travel up and down the country.

Alternatively you can try good local bike shops such as Peak District based Bike Garage in Bamford or 18 Bikes in Hope were in theory you can pay for a days hire but try multiple bikes. This is limited by how much fun you have on each one! If you are riding trail centers then they tend to have offers on demonstration bikes. Consequently, if you end up buying a bike you can get the cost of the hire fees refunded.

How Much to Spend?

The important thing is to be honest with yourself. If you ride twice a month at a trail centre can you justify spending £6K on a carbon framed full suss bike? or would you be better upgrading components on your current bike and upgrading your skills and knowledge of how to ride better? Mountain Bike Skills courses are popping up all over the country and can be a great  way of getting more from your riding. We all develop bad habits and sometimes it is worth getting that feedback and making corrections at a much smaller cost from qualified instructors. Internet retailers all compete on component costs so upgrading your current bike can be very cost effective.

We all want the best but what do we really need to make our experience better? Better skills or better bike or a new mountain bike or upgrade? To book a course with our instructors just email info@dolomitetraining.co.uk

Alum Pot and Long Churns caves connection window

Caving Underground beneath the Peak District Limestone

Caving in the Peak District.

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the ground you are walking on? Well if you happen to visit the Castleton area of the Peak District then you should. Beneath you are a series of Caves and Caverns climbing down into the deep darkness below. They offer fresh exciting opportunities for fun, adventure and new experiences.

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