group rock scrambling in the peak district

Weaseling Activities in The Peak District

Rock scrambling and weaseling in the peak district are a great way to have fun for all age groups.  Weaseling takes part in the natural holes and tunnels formed over many thousands of years along the gritstone edges. Your challenge is to get through them! The rock scrambling involves rock hopping and spotting your friends on different slabs of rock. There are hundreds of different options and the level of challenge varies from one hole to the next. No need to worry though, as all of the holes are optional and there is an easy way round if you don’t fancy them.

This activity is open for all age groups, from primary schools to stag or hen parties. Some people want to find new holes and challenge other members of their group.  Everyone loves the Derbyshire 'Grand Canyon' although not quite as big as its American namesake. It is an open rift that you can walk down with a couple of different exit options. It equally provides some great team photo opportunities.

Overall, this is a great activity enjoyed by all groups which also gives you an introduction to a rocky environment. It helps build peoples confidence especially in a rocky environment and is a good taster prior to a climbing session.

If this sounds like the sort of thing that your group would enjoy please get in touch. Scouts, Youth groups, Families, Stag and Hens all love this activity. Don’t forget we can combine this with another activity to make an action packed day for you. All you have to do is Get in touch to book your private session with this great fun activity. The best location for this is just above Hathersage in the Hope Valley high up on Higgar Tor.


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