Our very experienced caving instructors are there to look after you, ensure your enjoyment and enable you to access some amazing places. Most challenges are optional so don't worry about small confined spaces. If you want an idea of what we do please take a look at some caving videos on our facebook page.


Course benefits

   Max ratio of 1:6 on this course

  Access some amazing places

  Courses run from 930am - 4pm 

   Explore this underground world

During the course you will learn about:

   What equipment you need and its uses 

   Learn about cave development 

   Talk about cave hydrology

  Learn about different cave features and formations

After this caving course people are amazed at what they have achieved and what they have seen whilst underground. They are more confident and generally asking about the next level course that they can attend.

Course Prerequisites: None

Equipment required

We provide your caving oversuit, wellies, helmets, lights and gloves however you will need to wear your own clothes underneath.  Caving clothes should be warm, fleece type material and layers is important (no denim). Please bring a full change of clothes and a towel in case we get wet. You will also need to bring suitable underground food e.g. chocolate bars and something to drink.

Caving Introduction Course course private booking

Caving Introduction Course course private booking

Book this course as a private session with a ratio of 1:1 for £180 or 1:2 for £190. Please get in touch to discuss possible dates.