Our instructors can also increase the level of challenge with optional squeezes and watery passages to negotiate.


Course benefits

  Good staff ratios allowing more personal input per person

  A brilliant introduction to the sport

  Learn from each other

During the course you will learn about:

  A basic introduction to the sport including how to set up equipment, lighting etc

  Cave development

  Risks associated with caving

  Learn about different cave features and formations


After this course people are generally excited about doing more caving as it was far better than they anticipated.

Course Prerequisites: None

Equipment required

All specialist equipment is provided however you will need to bring a full change of clothes and a towel. Caving clothes should be warm, fleece type material and layers is important (no denim) You will also need to bring suitable underground food e.g. chocolate bars and something to drink.

Caving Introduction Course course private booking

Caving Introduction Course course private booking

Book this course as a private session with a ratio of 1:1 for £175 or 1:2 for £180 on a date that suits you.