Abseil peak district from millersdale viaduct

Abseil Peak District

Abseiling in the Peak District is a great standalone activity for people wanting a quick adrenaline fix. We run our 2hr abseil sessions as either a morning or afternoon activity and the price of £35pp is based on a min of 2 people wanting to abseil.  Groups of 3 or more attract a 10% discount. These abseil sessions are run near Tideswell from the Millersdale viaduct. Please get in touch directly if you want to book a private abseiling course with us.

If you are thinking of doing a charity abseil and would like a bit of practice first? Then we also use the viaduct as a stepping stone for some of the bigger charity abseil events that we run.

Alternatively, If you prefer, then we can abseil off many of the cliffs and crags which surround the Peak District. These add an extra element of adventure as you are surrounded by the natural beauty the peak district national park has to offer. The main difference is that its a little bit slower to get you back to the top of a cliff for another go! Just bear in mind that Abseiling off the viaduct at Millersdale has very easy access. It has steps from the landing zone so a quick means of getting back to the top for another go.

For all of our abseil sessions, we generally meet in the car park at 930am and return here by around 12pm which gives us about 2 hours abseiling on the bridge. There is good car parking and toilets on site with the cafe usually open from 9am on weekends.

You can also combine Abseiling with one of our other outdoor activities to make a full day out on your holiday or excursion. The full days tend to offer better value especially for people looking for more adventure in the outdoors. Follow this link to see some photos of the activities we deliver.


Why choose us

   Our staff are really easy to get on with 

   They are also very well qualified  

   We hold an AALA license and bridge license so you can rest assured you are in good hands 

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abseiling off a cliff with the green canopies below

Group Abseiling Course

Group Abseiling

Group abseiling is a great way for teams to come together. It offers opportunities for support, encouragement and shared emotions as you abseil over the edge. Abseiling off the viaduct at Millersdale caters for all of the above with its easy access and quick means of getting back to the top for another go. We even get people wanting to practice for charity abseil events.

The cost of running group abseiling here will depend on the number of people. So it is best to tell us what you want on the enquiry form and we can get back to you with an actual cost. Obviously a 1:1 session is going to be more expensive than a group of 8. You can also combine Abseiling with one of our other outdoor activities to make a full day out on your holiday or staff day out.

Please contact us to discuss your groups needs.

You may find an abseil video on our Facebook page


Why choose us

  We hold an AALA license

  We hold a permit allowing us to use the bridge as an abseiling venue

  All of our staff are fully qualified climbing instructors


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VNA Abseil Escape Training

VNA Abseil escape training


VNA Abseil Escape Training

If your company uses VNA trucks then abseil escape training is something that companies need to consider. After all, It could be the only means of your staff escaping safely.

Our experience has been gained from numerous industries. This has allowed us to design and implement a simple and effective training programme.  We have found that our approach helps staff retain the skills and knowledge for longer.

A lot of our staff come from a climbing and abseiling background. This experience is in providing instruction, coaching and teaching at all levels. It also involves teaching technical rescues and self rescue for people wanting to access deeper caves or higher mountains.

We also run national charity abseil events from all types of buildings including Bridges, Hotels and Hospitals or Helipads. These Charity abseils are about managing people safely to get the end result i.e. they complete the abseil

Initially, our abseil escape training courses cover an introduction to all the  specific equipment.  Then we introduce controlled escapes and descents from increasing heights. Ultimately reaching the point when your staff are happy and proficient in the use of the equipment.

All of our training is risk assessed, carried out with safety as paramount using back-up support systems at all times.  Training is also conducted ‘on-site’ as this is the real environment that your employees will be using on a day-to-day basis.

Regular refresher training is also necessary to avoid skill fade and should be built into your safety management processes. We can work around shift patterns to deliver effective training to suit you.

For more information or to get a quote please contact us directly.

If you would like to seek feedback and reviews, these can be found on Trip Advisor and our social media pages.


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