Derbyshire caving course in a cave canyon

Caving Intermediate Course

Caving Courses in the Peak District

This caving course is based in the Derbyshire Peak District. Our intermediate caving trips generally take place in more challenging and demanding systems. They will have horizontal and vertical cave passages for you to explore. You could be climbing up ladder sections, abseiling beside underground waterfalls, crawling through watery passages or passing through smaller sections. There are also plenty of other challenges for smaller group members, but don't worry as these are all optional. If you wanted to see some videos then you can pop across to our  You Tube or Facebook pages.

In the Peak District there are vast limestone areas which are rich with minerals found in old lead mines and plenty of cave systems to explore. Many of these cave systems lie in the Castleton / Hope Valley catchment area which is in the northern part of the National Park. However you can find some lead mines to explore in some of the southern areas so we can offer you the best trip to fit in with your accommodation.

We only use fully qualified cave instructors who are available in our area and know every cave. This ensures that you will have the best caving experience possible and hopefully wanting to come back for more.


Course benefits

   More adventurous course with vertical sections 

   Abseils and climbs underground

   Course runs from 930am - 4pm 

   Meet passionate cave instructors

 Try a lights out challenge

During the course you will learn about:

   How to stay safe whilst caving

   How these underground systems are formed 

   All about different cave systems

   How much fun caving can be

These are generally longer trips and require a full day; we recommend you have a reasonable level of fitness and are happy with sections of abseiling and climbing. Our staff look after your safety on all of the vertical sections.

Equipment required

All specialist equipment is provided however you will need to bring a full change of clothes and a towel, caving clothes should be warm, fleece type material and layers are important (no denim) You will also need to bring suitable underground food e.g. chocolate bars and something to drink.

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