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Rock Climbing Sport Climbing Course

Sport Climbing Course

Peak District sport climbing has seen a big boom in the last decode or so. Many sport climbing venues have been rebolted by the BMC so making it safer at certain crags. Others are getting more climbers on them so teh routes are cleaner. again this makes it safer for climbers visiting Derbyshire.

Our sport climbing courses are run by climbing instructors that live and work in the area.  This means that they can choose the venue which is most suitable to your needs. This course is ideal for climbing partners or friends who want to make the transition into outdoor sport climbing. You can share the cost and both gain the experience and knowledge from our very well qualified climbing instructors. The price may vary depending on the group size so feel free to give us a call with any questions.

If you prefer then we offer Trad climbing courses which work well for the same transitions from indoors to outdoors. initially these are run as top rope courses before moving onto a rigging course or learning to lead climb.

All of our private climbing courses are bespoke so you can contact us to let us know what you want from the day. We will then tailor everything to you. Our Peak District sport climbing courses usually meet in Calver as we are then closer to more suitable venues.

If you want to see photos from some of the other activities we run then please follow this link.


Course benefits

   A bespoke climbing course for you 

  Expert tuition from experienced instructors

   Courses run from 930am - 430pm 

   Excellent ratios to maximise learning

During the course you will learn about:

  Fundamentals like rope choice, tying in and belay devices 

  How to clip quickdraws effectively 

   Understand Dynamic belaying 

  How to lower off safely from the top 

   Equipment you will need 


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Learn to lead climb

Rock Climbing Learn to Lead Course

Learn to Lead Climb

If you are considering a  learn to lead climbing course, then you should have some experience of climbing indoors and outdoors.  All of our Climbing Courses are based in the Peak District and are delivered at a pace that suits your individual needs at the time. We are happy to chat through your experience to reassure you of your decision to take on this course. Our expert climbing instructors will provide all of the technical equipment and can provide helmets and harnesses as well. Although it is best that you have your own harness at this stage of climbing.

Throughout the course, we will aim to get plenty of climbing and lead climbing in, practicing placing good  gear, setting up lead belays and lead belaying. We want you to be confident in your own ability so we will provide positive feedback throughout your time with us. Equally we encourage questions from you to help you retain all the information. Most of all we want you to enjoy the experience and you will find that all of our climbing instructors have a good sense of humour.

We appreciate that people want to check activity providers out so you can find reviews our Trip Advisor and our Facebook pages

Please note that  a Minimum of 2 people are required on this course for it to run. The price is per person. This course is run on demand so please get in touch to discuss possible dates.


Course benefits

  1:2 staff ratios to maximise learning 

   Maximise climbing time from 930 - 430pm 

   Climbing Courses run by our Mountaineering Instructors 

  Better understanding of the equipment and its uses

During the course you will learn about:

   How to make good gear placements and correct spacing 

   Learn about equipment including: ropes, harnesses & lead climbing rack

   Understanding climbing guide books and climbing grades

  Rope Set Ups and setting up belay stances 

   How to organise your rack 

Our climbing courses start near the gritstone crags usually meeting in Hathersage in the Peak District.  We will move quickly to the most suitable crag depending on the weather.

As well as the skills, this course gives  people more confidence in their own ability to look after themselves and their climbing partner.

Course Prerequisites: Have some previous experience of indoor and outdoor climbing, or have attended our Intermediate Climbing Course.

Equipment required

We provide all the ropes, climbing racks, helmets and harnesses.

You will need suitable clothing to keep you warm and dry for the expected weather (check a forecast for this area or call us) carry a waterproof or windproof jacket. You will need sturdy footwear for the walk in and out of the crag, a packed lunch and drink. Your own climbing harness and shoes at this stage is normal although we can hire you shoes for just £5.00 a day.

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