VNA Abseil Escape Training

VNA Abseil escape training


VNA Abseil Escape Training

If your company uses VNA trucks then abseil escape training is something that companies need to consider. After all, It could be the only means of your staff escaping safely.

Our experience has been gained from numerous industries. This has allowed us to design and implement a simple and effective training programme.  We have found that our approach helps staff retain the skills and knowledge for longer.

A lot of our staff come from a climbing and abseiling background. This experience is in providing instruction, coaching and teaching at all levels. It also involves teaching technical rescues and self rescue for people wanting to access deeper caves or higher mountains.

We also run national charity abseil events from all types of buildings including Bridges, Hotels and Hospitals or Helipads. These Charity abseils are about managing people safely to get the end result i.e. they complete the abseil

Initially, our abseil escape training courses cover an introduction to all the  specific equipment.  Then we introduce controlled escapes and descents from increasing heights. Ultimately reaching the point when your staff are happy and proficient in the use of the equipment.

All of our training is risk assessed, carried out with safety as paramount using back-up support systems at all times.  Training is also conducted ‘on-site’ as this is the real environment that your employees will be using on a day-to-day basis.

Regular refresher training is also necessary to avoid skill fade and should be built into your safety management processes. We can work around shift patterns to deliver effective training to suit you.

For more information or to get a quote please contact us directly.

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